Saturday 29 June 2013

Take the Pledge!

Just as we are wrapping up this year's Bike2Work Challenge, I came across a couple of interesting articles online that talk about safe and responsible cycling. The title of the first one sounded rather surprising, but makes a valuable point: As cyclist, we should always obey all traffic laws and not endanger ourselves or others by riding like a "scofflaw":

David Suzuki joins chorus of activists railing against scofflaw cyclists seen to be ruining it for everyone else

The article links to an "Urban Cyclist Etiquette Guide" for cyclist, pedestrians and motorists that makes not only the obvious recommendations, but also some you might not have thought about before.

Talking about safe cycling: the statistics about accidents involving cyclist in Waterloo Region are quite shocking, as this article in The Record and the numbers at the end show:

Cyclists at fault in majority of bike-vehicle collisions

The statistics are from 2010 and I'd be interested to see how they hopefully have improved since.

In any case, I encourage every cyclist to always ride responsibly and go by the rules. Only then can we expect to be respected by others on the road, namely motorists, which brings me to a really cool initiative by on their website people are encouraged to take a "Ride and Drive with Care" pledge. It asked everyone on the road - whether in a car or on a bike - to commit to safe traffic behavior:

Check it out and Take the Pledge yourself!

This, by the way, is an initiative in cooperation with CAA, which - in case you didn't know - offers road-side assistance to its members not only when they drive, but also when they cycle: see CAA Bike Assist

Now, to finish off, I'd like to share this little YouTube video, showing Bicycle Rush Hour in Utrecht (The Netherlands). It's certainly impressive and in many ways also a bit funny to watch how tons and tons of cyclist go by on their way to work and back. It made me wonder if this might be the future of cycling in Kitchener as well???

Happy and safe cycling, Chris

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