Friday 28 June 2013

Well, what a day for the last day of the Challenge! I guess that's appropriate- we started in not-so-good weather so we might as well finish that way!
I can't believe it's over. The 4 weeks have just flown by.
Thanks to Ziggy's for the great bikes. The best part of the bike for me was the panniers. I can't believe how much easier and more pleasant they made the ride to work and home. My advice to anyone thinking about cycling to work is to get a rack for the back of your bike and panniers.
Thanks to the City and Josh, in particular, for giving me this opportunity and making it so easy! And setting the requirement that I cycle to work at least 3 times. I have good intentions but don't always follow through. But when the expectation is set, I'm good at doing what I'm supposed to.
So, now what? Will I keep this up? I would have to say that the chances are very good that I will. I say that because the biggest change for me has been in my attitude. In the past I would cycle to work when I thought of it and when it was convenient. And convenience is something that is a pretty adaptable concept- I can make anything as convenient or inconvenient as I want it to be. Now that I've been at it for a month, I've realized that it's pretty convenient to ride to work. I've learned that I don't need to worry about a bit of wet weather (ok- maybe the downpours are not ideal!) and what I need to have in the panniers to adapt to whatever may face me in the day. I've learned that I can leave a car at work so that if I need to get someplace during the day the car will be here- and I am pretty much forced to ride to work. And I now wake up with the expectation that I will be riding to work.
I hope to bump into my fellow participants in this year's Challenge from time to time. We'll recognize each other by the distinctive colours of the mens and women's bikes, the helmets or the panniers on the back of bikes.  If you see me out there cycling please stop me to say "hi" and I'll do the same.
Congratulations to all and Happy Canada Day! I think we're making our country a better place!

Warren G

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