Wednesday 12 June 2013

As they say: there are two seasons - winter & construction !

Week Two and my odometer has rolled over a 100 km- very exciting although I know some of you who have longer commutes have long surpassed that number! :-)

What would summer be without construction? :-)  So far, I’ve been fortunate along my route- only one block along Queen St. between Courtland and Joseph is closed.  I get around it by jumping off the Iron Horse Trail at David St., past Victoria Park.  Otherwise, it’s been clear sailing.  I’m fortunate that my route includes bike lanes and a nice ride through University of Waterloo, Waterloo Park and along the Iron Horse Trail. 

Despite riding in traffic for several years now, I still find it a little nerve-wracking when the road just isn’t wide enough for a car and a bike to travel beside each other.

I think I recall a few of you also travel the Iron Horse on your commutes- I keep checking the bikes of passing cyclists for that familiar Trek, but haven’t crossed paths with any of you yet!  Happy trails, everyone! 
Cheryl W
New & Improved Ride!

Old Faithful (My Apollo I bought in 1974)

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