Friday 28 June 2013

Not the end just yet...

My oh my have the last 4 weeks gone by quickly. I averaged 4 days a week on my bike and in total have biked over 200KM! Luckily I only work 2KM away :) but ever since this ride has started many changes in the aspects of my work and personal life! My confidence is higher, enjoy the scenic routes to work everyday, and even notice that in my summer football and ultimate frisbee rec leagues that I've been able to run faster/ longer, jump higher, and gain that extra edge on my opponents.

When I first started biking, I thought it was going to be a long month - what with all those cars along victoria riding so close, it was a bit intimidating. But after the first couple days, I was used to it and really started to enjoy my rides. I've also started riding around parks, and hope to start doing some post-work rec biking to explore more of Kitchener. I never knew there were so many places that I haven't seen before!

This challenge was all I expected and more. Thanks Ziggys and to the City of Kitchener for organizing such a great initiative to engage us all into more healthier and green lives! I will for sure continue biking daily after this challenge.

I hope to see more bikers out there in the future!

~Keep Biking


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