Thursday 6 June 2013

Chilly week one

Brrr, who knew June could be so chilly or that our city streets turn into wind tunnels? Week one has been a challenge, no doubt, but one that is welcome. I found the morning commute (almost 7km) so peaceful yet energizing, and my route through some greenspace was almost free of vehicle traffic. When I arrived at work for the first time on bike, many of my coworkers gave me kudos and asked a lot of questions so I hope they apply next year or start to ride their bike this year.
My wardrobe for the day (including shoes) fit nicely into my carry on luggage and my lunch did too. I feared the stiff legs and inevitable "good pain" of lactic acid muscles so I reached out to some cycling friends who advised some good stretches and it worked...or at least dulled the pain enough so that I didn't walk funny.
Fellow Bike2Work challenger Rachelle said that she was more hungry during the day, and I noticed that too. Good thing I work beside a grocery story so I am able to pop over and grab healthy snacks if I feel the grumbles.
The ride home had considerably more traffic, but polite traffic, does that make sense? I stuck to bike lanes when available and used my hand signals too. I wore bright colours so that I wouldn't blend into traffic too. Admittedly very slow at times, I think one or two fellow cyclists might have wanted to "tow" me up a hill, but I shifted into the proper gear and was detirmined to make it. And, voila, I was home in almost the same time as it took to make it to work in the morning.

Week one lessons so far:
-When it's cold and windy wear ear protection and bring gloves.
-The bell on the right handle bar is NOT your shifter
-Plan your wardrobe well in advance so that you can bring it to work on days you are driving. I have started a shoe collection at work so that I dont have to carry them back and forth.
-Food is fuel, so eat good food and your "car" will run better.
-There is nothing you can do about that pain from the bike seat, so try to get used to it.
-Stretch before and after each bike ride. Foam rollers are essential.
-Ziggy's staff are patient, kind, helpful and awesome.

I am hoping to do some weekend riding if the weather is areas to explore!


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