Monday 3 June 2013

First day!

Well day one is over and I can't wait for bed!! I left my house at 8:20 a.m. and arrived to work 20 km and one hour later (which was a half hour less than I estimated), riding a much nicer bike! I love my new bike!!. I love the biking lanes that are on parts of Homer Watson Blvd. This made me feel safer and more at ease. I realized on my ride in just how much I missed cycling! When I got to work, I felt energized and ready for my day! ride home? not so much fun. Biking up hill most of my way and against the wind made my ride very challenging! Riding home took me one hour and 20 minutes and boy was I hungry when I got there!! Highlight of my riding today? Two small kids with their Dad standing at the edge of the road waiting to high five me :)  Over all, I think my first day of biking to work went well and I am looking forward to Wednesday! I am so excited that my daughter, Kelsey has decided to bike to school this month and my best friend has also decided to bike to work!
Safe cycling Everyone!!!
Kathryn Walker

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