Tuesday 25 June 2013

Trek Sightings in Kitchener

Trek Sightings in Kitchener!

Rochelle… I think we may have passed each other this morning along the Iron Horse Trail… too fast to be certain!  Looking back over my shoulder, the bike, helmet and saddle bags looked suspiciously like my own… if it was you- a belated hello! :)  I saw another Trek locked up at the KPL last Thursday- without its rider!  And that’s as close as I’ve gotten to seeing any of you enroute during the Challenge. 

Kathryn- Your commute has been an inspiration!  And the tips you learned during the Challenge certainly ring true- especially the one about the bugs- been there, done that!  A good reason NOT to breathe with my mouth open!

I’m looking very forward to meeting up with you all again and enjoying some social time together tomorrow at McCabe’s!  Do you think there’ll be enough room outside to lock up all our bikes?  We need an old style hitching post- like in the old Western movies- for all our ‘horses’! :)  See you there…

Cheryl W.

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