Friday 7 June 2013

Week 1

This bike is pretty sweet!
I have to give Ziggys credit for putting this bike together, it comes with lots of accessories that I would not usually think to put on a bike, but so far they have all come in very useful. The only thing I think I will be adding is a mirror on the left side to help me gauge what traffic is doing behind me, while keeping my focus ahead.
The first week sure has been a chilly one, but that is bitter sweet because I cannot fully complain about not being too hot at the beginning of my work day.
My challenge so far has been finding the best route.  I have attempted several routes to find the safest and most enjoyable; however the construction situation in town has posed a slight threat. Couple that with a couple unhappy motorists; and it will seem that my best route might be the one that keeps me off the roads as much as possible.
I have been enjoying the challenge so far and look forward to seeing my progress throughout the remainder of it!

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