Tuesday 9 July 2013

Bike2Work 4 Life!

I had such an amazing time participating in the #BikeKitchener Bike2Work challenge this year that I plan to continue this way of life into the future. I can easily see the ability to bike to work influencing major life decisions like whether I choose one job over another, or where I decide to live. I feel heathier and more connected to my community and these are values that are now core to who I am. I've always felt this way but the Bike2Work challenge really helped pull those out and make them realized!

If there's one takeaway I'd share with the general public out there it's this: get on a bike a ride. Don't make a plan. Just ride down a road, then another, and another...you'll discover an amazing world out there.

And watch for the potholes!
- Ty

If you’re reading this blog, you could win a free bike by completing the
BikeKitchener cycling survey. Fill it out online at
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/bikekitchener2013. #BikeKitchener

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