Friday 21 June 2013

Who knew?!

Finishing up the third week of the challenge here and feeling great about it. :) Before accepting this challenge, I thought of biking to work as unrealistic and more of a chore travelling from North Waterloo to Downtown Kitchener. Now, I'm wishing I had start started sooner! The commute isn't much longer than if I were to drive to my parking lot and walk the 5-7 minutes it takes to get to the office. I think I finally have the route down pat and my commute time down to 30 minutes! YESSSS!!

This has been such an amazing experience, I'm so happy I challenged myself and to accomplish something I never even considered possible! I will continue to bike2work throughout the summer because it's a blast! I encourage everyone to give it a shot!!

Thanks again to Ziggys and City of Kitchener!

Melani K

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