Friday 14 June 2013

Black Forest Inn Week 2

Each time I get on my bike, the ride seems to get shorter and shorter! What can I say I’m hooked! I don’t know what’s better - being able to get some early morning exercise, feeling better about my workouts, saving the environment or the nature trials that I get to bike along! If you ever want to join me, we can always attach extra seats onto the bike! (Image provided by
My biking speed average continues to increase each week that I do this competition. If you remember me saying that I did start a week early because I am a keener, and I was averaging 15 km/h, now my average speed in 18 km/hr. Although that is not a large increased speed, my routes vary and my time does as well! I checked by ODO today as well and I have completed 359 since I got the bike! I think that’s crazy to think, I haven’t been going that far, and in my car that’s 2 or 3 tanks of gas and $150!
The first week that I started biking I thought to myself, “Man, these hills are going to kill me” and “This is too far, I might as well give up now”. I was very excited to participate, however not having biked in 6 months made it difficult for me to be optimistic. However, that is no matter, as now I’m feeling more energized, I am even able to stay up later and get up earlier! Before this competition, I found it difficult to stay up past 10.30 p.m. (sad, I know!) and I found it difficult to get out of bed before 9 (What can I say I love sleep!). Now, my sleeping patterns, eating choices and lifestyle have all changed!  Biking is something that I enjoy doing, whether it be taking out the e-bike to the store, or taking out my Trek to work!
            Although, if you are reading this I would like to bring to your attention that bikers when they are in the left turning lane, are allowed to be there because they need to turn left! When you see me turning left from Northfield onto King, please don’t try to side swipe me again! I will be much happier!
            I can’t believe that we are only two weeks into this competition! I can only recommend and encourage all readers of this blog to crack out their bikes and get biking! It is an easy work out, it is nice to get the fresh air, and you go a whole lot faster than running!
            I would like to thank ziggy’s for everything, the bike, and all the accessories because that timer on the bike saves me all the time! It is so nice to be able to see how long it has been since I left the house and when I get to work, and I can secretly have competitions and try to beat my times!
            Anyways, That’s all for now!

Steph M.
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