Friday 28 June 2013

Thanks for the Adventure!

My final day of week four was yesterday and the month certainly went by fast!  The rest of the summer and fall stretches ahead, with several months yet to ride to work. 

The hotter days of last week reminded me that sunscreen and sweat are a big part of commuting to work!  I really don’t like the greasiness of sunscreen- yuck!  Instead I practice sun safety by wearing loose cotton clothing that covers arms and legs, and get away with sunscreening my face and hands.  Since I don’t have access to a shower at work, I have had to make friends with sweat!  Having a change of clothes along helps… J

It was great to see you all at McCabe’s on Tuesday- the video taping of the ride together was a hoot!  Thanks, Josh and everyone at City of Kitchener, for organizing a great Challenge- and for giving me the opportunity to take part in it.  And thanks again to Ziggy’s for the terrific bike and gear… I’ll be enjoying them for a long time to come!

Safe biking, everyone!
Cheryl W.

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