Friday 21 June 2013

BFI Rocks Week 3!

Here is an update on my mixed emotions of the Bike2Work Challenge:

Here I am! Rocking the bike week 3 style!!
The things I hate:
The early mornings:
Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, and I have to be somewhere earlier than normal, for instance, I had an LPGA volunteer meeting at 8 a.m. yesterday meaning I would have had to leave my house at 6.30 a.m. I absolutely hate this competition (I don't actually; only at this time I do)! Its days like that where I look at my bike, e bike and car & debate for almost a half an hour which one to take. Sometimes the biking to work is very nice, easy and perfect – and other times it can be the biggest pain. Life can be solved by motors and e-bikes but the guiltiness follows when you do break into such temptations. However, you need to push through those mornings and realize how good you will feel once you get to the end!

The things I LOVE:
I have to agree with all the other participants – these saddle bags can honestly fit an entire army. This morning when I left the house, I had my work clothes (pants, shirt, blazer), a pair of flip flops, a pair of flats, two boxes of 80 tea bags, a exercise sweater, fruit, an extra waterbottle and my day planner. When I left the house this morning someone asked me  “Do you need all that stuff?” and “You bike with ALL that” and I said yeah – how else will I get through the bag. Although I felt that I had packed for a weekend trip, it is all necessary to be productive throughout the day!

The things that suck:
THE SWEAT before work:
One of the major problems that I keep running into while biking to work is the sweat! There is two reasons for this, mainly because sweat is invertible, but when the sun is beaming I feel it dripping down! I would like to begin my thanking the nice lady at Shopper’s who spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining to me how to use dry shampoo, but guys and gals and all biker to work participants! THIS IS A LIFE SAVER! It literally will absorb all the sweat in your hair – and I think that everyone should be using this!
I went to the shoppers shortly after work and bought what I call the  “Bike2Work Survival Kit”: Cost $50

 Baby Wipes (Face)
Hair Straightener
Dry Shampoo
Hair Brush

In conclusion

Biking to work, in my opinion is actually quite a blessing, cheap and easy! It only takes me 15 minutes longer to bike to work than it did to drive out there…I think that is astonishing. Now I do know that part of this is because my biking route is much shorter than my driving route! Thanks to the Iron Horse Trail, however, I still get the amazing views on my biking route! (I would like to apologize for stopping on the middle of Northfield and if I annoyed any cars I am sorry!) 

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STEPH M!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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