Saturday 8 June 2013

A Graduate Students' Ride to School: Week one is done!

The first week of the Bike2Work challenge is officially complete. Everything was going great, the weather was amazing until mother nature caught up with me and I got stuck riding home from work in the rain. Thankfully our transit system is amazing and I secured my bike at the front of the bus and got home a little bit drier. My handy dandy bicycle computer tells me that in the last week I have cycled 120km! When this started I definitely did not think I would be on it that much but the ride gets easier everyday, and I am very optimistic that this will become my main mode of transportation. My route to work consists of the Iron Horse Trail, a few roads and then continue on the Laurel Trail, leaving me with fewer cars to worry about than some of my fellow commuters. I actually find that my ride is quite relaxing, making it an easy choice first thing in the morning.

My next task is to find a secure place to lock up my bike so I can stop lugging it up a flight of stairs into my office everyday!


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