Thursday 27 June 2013

Meet N Greet

What an amazing time that we had last night at the Meet N Greet! 

I would like to formally thank McCabes for putting up with us last night! 

I would like to formally apologize to the cars on Kings Street who got stuck behind 11 bikers doing a U Turn. THOSE ARE ILLEGAL and I am eternally guilty.

But WOW, what a feeling! Tomorrow is the last day, and I can say with a heavy heart that I am 100% glad to have participated in the contest. 

I think the one struggle that is going to happen with me is continuing. Although, I know how good it feels to bike, today when I woke up I was like, well I don't HAVE to bike, I could drive. But then, I decided against that. I do not want to let myself get back into my lazy ways! Biking is healthy and I am feeling great after this competition! I think it is important for people to realize their potential and ween themselves into a challenge like this. Even if your commute is 1 k, or 20 k, it will largely impact your mental and physical health! For the first time you do a long bike ride you think to yourself "I am never going to do this again" or "This is awful; why I am doing this", but once you get over the 2nd time hump and are able to feel good about yourself then you feel rewarded. 

The one suggestion that I would make to anyone trying to do the challenge, that find their commute exhausting is to get a GOOD Bike. Road bikes make all the difference when you are biking and it will change everything from the time it takes to your overall performance! 

The next suggestion I would make is get an odometer. I love being able to track my times, and distances, it makes me feel good about how I have been doing and I can figure out where I can improve. 

The next suggestion is keep a short journal about your progress - weight, sleeping patterns, habits (smoking, drinking) and your attitude, and you will find that this will change over about the course of a month. I found that with me, reading my blog, although I was excited in the beginning I was averaging 15 km, and now, when I biked to work, the slowest I went was 21 km. It is a great way to motivate yourself and to see your progress. If you don't track then you will never be able to compare. As for your weight, you may not gain any - but your body sure will change from the exercise that this poses. You will begin to feel better and slower look slimmer! (OR just wear black all the time).

The next suggestion that I would make is SUNSCREEN! I got so burnt from this challenge and it actually tired me out more. I found that during work when I got burnt from my morning ride, I was very tired and could not do much work. (Here's a fun little fact - when and if you are going to be in the sun, eat tomotoes! It helps a lot!)

The final suggestion is have fun and be safe

From everyone at the Bike 2 Work challenge, 

Thanks for reading!

STEPH MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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