Friday 14 June 2013

Just. Keep. Pedalling.

Hello Waterloo Region!

First I just want to say how great this area is becoming in regards to bike friendliness (like this and this and this and this and THIS !!!). And also a huge thank you to Ziggys for hooking everyone up with super nice new whips for us to explore all of the aforemoentioned bike friendliness options!

So the first two weeks of the #Bike2Work challenge were a bit wet. But we must keep our spirits up...because riding in today was AWESOME...especially as riding my bike allowed for a delicious spontaneous stop at the Bauer Bakery & Cafe for a mouth-watering breakfast sandwich. It's seriously lifechanging. And because I rode to work it means I earned that sandwich. You should ride to work and earn a sandwich too. Perhaps I'll earn a cold drink on the ride home!

Ya'll keep pedalling.


PS...If you’re reading this blog, you could win a free bike by completing the BikeKitchener cycling survey. Fill it out online at #BikeKitchener

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