Thursday 20 June 2013

Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished!

Week 3 and I have expanded my riding efforts this week to include trips to my local video, grocery and drug stores as well as particpating in the ride with the City Councillors and even to a retirement party in Waterloo and I have to admit I am quite enjoying it.  As time goes on I am feeling more confident and comfortable in taking "my place" on the road which does make for a better experience.
My new goal was to convince my 19 year old son that if his mother can ride her bike to work he can!  Granted he has a natural aversion like most teenagers to early mornings and he does have to be at work for 7am and yes the distance is further (8 km each way), but I still think he could try!   Upon returning home from University he expressed a need for exercise so I am funding a gym membership – 2km down the road that he drives too for exercise!?!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Jordan has biked to work everyday this week (16km) and my daughter Emma is now biking to high school (10km). 
I encourage others to challenge their family and friends to just try biking!
Judy C 


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