Friday 21 June 2013

Well on my way!

The third week has gone great, due to my job, i was on call all week but i have been able to compensate with other weeks so i am pretty much all caught up!
the above image is one i took of my commute one morning, this is much nicer to look at than the back of someone elses vehicle.

I ended up purchasing a mirror for my handlebars, an it's been a life saver! Now i can keep my head turned strait and still know whats going on behind me.

The first week of the challenge i was envious of all the other "cyclists" riding their electric-assisted bikes, however after a short 3 weeks i'm starting to think these people are crazy and feel bad for them because they would not have the same rewarding feeling as i do when they reached their final destinations. 

this challenge has been very encouraging for me and i fully intend on continuing it well into the fall time.


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1 comment:

  1. I actually had to go out and by a kickstand and I am considering buying mirrors.. Not knowing what is coming from behind me is really worrying.
    I know what cars are very respectful, but it can be a little creepy to look behind you and to see just a big car behind you.