Tuesday 11 June 2013

I Got The Fever!

Last week was my first week, and boy was it amazing. I didn’t realize how much quicker I could get to work. Door-to-door in 10 minutes. Usually by the time I drive, park my car and walk to the office it takes about 15! I enjoyed the morning breeze, scenic route, and had just a bit of time to relax before I made it to work. The energy boost it gave me also allowed me to skip the morning coffee and get straight to performing my daily tasks.

This week (second week of challenge) I am in Ottawa for a conference. I was originally disappointed that I would not be able to ride my bike during that time. However, to my surprise the BIXI service is offered here! So for $7 dollars a day I could ride to and from my hotel to the conference at University of Ottawa. I also met a couple of friends along the way! (see picture). Alternative Bike2Work challenge, but still biking nonetheless! I’m really enjoying my time doing this, and hopefully BIXIs will soon come to the city of Kitchener!

My totals so far:
30KM in one week biking every day – taking 1.5 hours total!

Until next time!

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