Friday 14 June 2013

Well 2 weeks down and many more to go!!! I must confess that biking to work on a more constant basis is taking a bit of planning for me. I have to use a car sometimes throughout the day which means that I have got to plan ahead. If I leave a car at the office then I can cycle to work and home- so that works fine. I just have to make sure that I have what I need at work to change or to take with me to the meeting- that sort of thing.
I've had a couple of days now when the weather has been a mess- but as I have posted previously, if I dress for the rain, its no big deal.
So, just a bit of inconvenience so far but overall a very worthwhile effort. Thanks again to all (Ziggy's for the bikes and advice and the City for encouraging this project)!
Warren G.

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