Monday 10 June 2013

Rain or Shine........

Well one week down and the second week has begun!
 My first weeks bike commute was a total of 132km over 3 was exciting, relaxing, and energizing but definitely not easy! I have had such great support from co-workers (now 6 of us biking to work!!), family and friends.                                                                
Week two began today for me............... a wet but enjoyable ride to and from work!
 The bike bag panniers have sure come in handy and they have saved my boyfriend
 from having to massage me on bike nights! much better than wearing a back pack and I was so impressed when I got to work this morning and everything in them was dry!
Biking to work in the rain is something I would not normally attempt. I was surprised. As long as you are dry, the ride is awesome! Much better then a humid and hot day to me!
I even had another cyclist wave at me while we passed each other during the heavy rain.
Great ride today and looking forward to many more to come!!

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