Tuesday 18 June 2013

25 Reasons to Ride your Bike!

      A Parking Ticket!  Are you kidding me?!
Ironic or just bad luck? The one day I don’t bike, I get a $25 dollar parking ticket!  Logistically it was not possible for an amateur biker like myself to be in 3 different places in one morning, so I drove.  I assume more experienced bikers plan their days with greater attention to distance, and resources neededJ  That being said the ticket was an error, my parking pass was on my windshield, so while I will not be paying the $25, I still have to go through the aggravation of fighting the ticket.  All the same, I thought it was kind of funny and another good reason to bike!

Speaking of tickets…did you know that failure to signal can cost a cyclist $85 according to the Ontario Highway Act?  No, I didn’t get a ticket! I just read that somewhere, so beware and be safe and remember to signal!
Judy C

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