Saturday 22 June 2013

Lessons Learned from Trek-ing

Lessons Learned from Trek-ing 

The third week of the Challenge was wonderful weather for biking.  The delicious breakfast and social time at the Tannery building was a welcome way to start the day on Tuesday... great wraps!  I enjoyed hearing about the new "bike share" program- what a terrific idea!  I completed the biking survey- a timely opportunity to advocate for safer and more wide-spread bike use!  And Josh... it was good to meet you!

A few insights learned from riding the new Trek into work:
  • what a difference having a good bike makes- my old one was a much heavier bike, gave a bumpier ride and made for more work going uphill.
  • I was skeptical that the WSD seat would actually make a difference- I have found it noticeably more comfortable than seats I've had in the past.  Commuting by bike is much more attractive when I'm comfortable!
  • It's been great having a helmet with the adjustable fit knob- so I know it's fitting my head properly.
  • The panniers are fantastic and take the strain of a backpack off my neck and shoulders.  The fact that they are surprisingly roomy and waterproof to boot is an added bonus!
  • Dress for success whatever the weather is doing and it all adds up to a rewarding and enjoyable commute!
A big thank you again to Ziggy's for the wonderful bike and accessories!!
Cheryl W.

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