Wednesday 5 June 2013

Here goes...

They say you never forget how to ride a bike.....and they're right.  The prospect of getting some great exercise by riding to work was appealing.  But having the use of the beautiful piece of iron (aluminium moulded by the elves at Trek if you must know) provided by Ziggy'*s made the prospect exciting indeed. My chosen path down Weber Street is rather busy but my first morning found me worrying more about the weather.  Cold and clear meant an extra layer and traffic on the way was not bad at all.  I left myself a little room for error but made the 7.5 run in 21 minutes which left lots of time to shower before work (thanks Mr. Heffner!*).  The ride home was a little slower being mostly uphill and  the traffic was a little busier but all in all a pleasant ride.  My next ride I'm going to try Margaret Avenue and its friendly bikelanes and cut over to East ave to skip some of the Weber street traffic.  Looking forward to some warmer weather this week!

Nikola M

*shameless plug for the wonderful service from Ziggy's and my employers forthought to install showers.

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