Tuesday 25 June 2013

Week 4 already !?!?

Wow! I can not believe we are in week 4 now!
Thinking back to the excitement of receiving such a nice bike at BikeFest in Kitchener and then the anticipation of beginning the bike2work challenge on June 3rd....
A challenge for me it certainly has been!! But well worth it physically, mentally and financially!! After getting over pneumonia in week 2, the challenge began to get easier and easier! I felt great! I have saved so much money on gas while biking a total of 432 km so far this month. The remaining 86.4 km seems like nothing to me now!
I have most definitely learned some new things during my challenge.....
1. Being prepared for the ride the night before is so much easier! Packing my bags with clothes and preparing my meals before I go to bed has saved me a lot of time. I don't know how I was doing it in the mornings at the beginning?

2. How important it is as a cyclist to keep your eyes everywhere especially when going through traffic lights and roundabouts!
3. How important it is as a driver to WATCH for cyclists that are sharing the road.
4. How good a shower feels after biking for an hour and 10 minutes!
5. How much my co-workers and family must appreciate the shower I have after me biking for an hour and 10 minutes!
6. If you are not careful.......you WILL swallow bugs.......ew!
7. What an impact a positive attitude has in the completion of this challenge!
I am so thankful for being chosen as one of the 2013 bike2work challenge participants. I am also so thankful to Ziggy's Cycle for the wonderful bikes they have given us!
I can not wait to continue cycling to work throughout the summer and fall!
This challenge has been very rewarding to me, my girls, my wallet and my car.
Thank you!!

Kathryn W

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