Wednesday 5 June 2013

Black Forest Inn

What can I say! I cheated, got too excited and started early! I have been biking to work for a week now and I am loving it! Although I do wish that cars would be more careful with cyclists on the road (Please stop cutting me off! LOL) But you win some, you lose some! This is why we need to make sure we are using the lights on our bike and being safe! On my first journey it took me one hour to get to the Black Forest Inn! And the amount I was sweating was unbelievable! Even the baby hills were too much for me to handle (cycling up Victoria toward Westmount!)! However now I can conquer those without a problem! I have also gotten my route down to about 40 minutes depending on the wind!

Overall last week I biked 161 km, I’m feeling pretty good! The problems that I am struggling with are the wind! Boy, once I hit Northfeild and it’s open country, the wind can really pick up! I also think the wind is out to get me – whether I am biking home, or to work - I am always biking in the wind! On my first unofficial Bike2Work week I avoided King Street at all costs and busier streets because I was not comfortable on them – however Downtown Kitchener has amazing Bike lanes, as do a lot of the roads in town! It makes me feel safer while biking! It’s always nice when the cars go around you! I really do appreciate that!

I would also like to thank Ziggies for donating the bikes to this competition! I am so glad that I was able to retire the bike whose brakes do not work and actually commit to this challenge! I am feeling great and I am not event drinking coffee in the morning! I did not think that I would end up loving the bike to work – however it is something that I am enjoying even more than I thought!

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