Tuesday 16 April 2013

Apply to participate in the 2013 Bike2Work Challenge!

Save money on gas and parking, improve your health, shrink your environmental footprint, and win a free bike by applying to participate in this year's Bike to Work Challenge, hosted by the City of Kitchener with sponsorship from Ziggy's Cycle! The challenge will begin in June 2013.

CLICK HERE to submit an application form.

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  1. Entered the Bike2Work Challenge last week - and so the training begins on my big heavy duty bike. (mountain bike) Anyone else taking on the challenge?

  2. 2nd week of training for bike to work (Month of June) Rode for 30 min - one big hill - and two minor stops (traffic)
    Adding another 5-10 min this week.

  3. Just signed up for a another challenge to complement this one - Biking + tracking food + a team of 15 people to keep accountable for the month of June - http://www.myfitnesspal.com

    Best of luck to all cyclists!